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Our community has been growing with the influx of California real estate investment, particularly Redondo beach real estate, similar to Vancouver Canada:

The main influx is due to demand from foreign ownership. Our community is flourishing and while we welcome this influx we have setup several informaitonal sessions from seasoned professionals that have been exposed to this growth spur. Namely we are procuring information from agents in Australia and Canada because these countries have been largely affected by the swarm of property investment witnessed now worldwide as far as Portugal and Germany. Agents include Remax in Canada and Taylors in Sydney. If you are looking for an opportunity to cash in on the windfall, check out our home selling guide for real estate redondo beach.


Chinese investment in the US real estate market has exploded, particularly in the states of California and New York. Until 2010, the Chinese’s direct investment in the US real estate seemed negligible but it has since steadily grown to be extremely visible. As per the 2015 commercial real estate acquisition-volume in the US, China ranked third, tying with Norway and behind real estate giants Canada and Singapore.


vancouver canada chinese property influx
Image source: Mcleans


From Redondo beach apartments to Redondo Beach Homes for sale, expect a fast pace of investment

Chinese real estate buyers are currently the biggest international players in the Canadian real estate investment markets like Vancouver, BC and Toronto since 2005. Now the US real estate investment market and as a result, some states are gaining millions of money from the property deals. Over the past couple of years, half of the money Chinese property buyers used on acquiring US homes were spent in California and New York. The major reasons as to why California (in our case real estate redondo beach) is very attractive to investors is because of its close proximity to the home and & its major cities contain huge numbers of American-Chinese populations. Now we may witness the same thing with our redondo beach homes for sale currently experiencing a high volume of sales.


How Vancouver houses for sale were snapped up for Foreigners and witnessed the greatest boom of the decade

This was also witnessed in Canadian cities surrounding the major cities, such as East Vancouver houses for sale, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Coquitlam, New Westminster to name a few. Similarly, both California and New York have attractive lifestyles and climates with most property buyers in New York spending millions in Manhattan. Reports from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) indicate that almost 40 percent of Chinese real estate buyers will reside in their US-homes on full-time basis. However, the remaining huge percentage of the purchases are majorly for investment purposes and the buyers don’t intend to live in those properties. This will be true for Redondo beach apartments and condos and Redondo beach homes for sale.

Due to the massive growth of China’s wealth, the Chinese real estate investment in the US is profound, especially in these two states. Chinese nationals are currently the biggest foreign buyers of the American homes, having purchased more than $93 billion dollars’ worth of homes in the last five years alone with $28.6 billion being spent in 2015 only. The exact same dynamics happened with every single vancouver house for sale in BC. Furthermore, purchases of commercial property have significantly surged reaching $8.5 billion in 2016 which is more than 15 times from 2010 and at $210 billion, China is now the biggest foreign investor of a US government-backed residential-mortgage bonds.

After the acquisition of the renowned Waldorf Astoria Hotel in 2015 and the Strategic Hotels & Resorts in 2016 by a Chinese Insurance company in 2015, China’s investors began to cement their popularity in the US real estate market, sealing their dominance in the immigrant investor program i.e. the EB-5 program by overtaking Canada and becoming the biggest foreign buyer of the US homes. This was a major surpise as they fled cities like mega-rich Vancouver BC to invest in cities like Seattle. Some reports that even more money is flowing from Canada into the US now as property taxes and taxes against foreign ownership have risen in Canada, especially with the boom of Vancouver east condos for sale in many areas. Apart from the EB-5 program (which allows a foreign national who has invested $500,000 or more in projects that creates ten or more jobs to receive US Visa) and the unique channels used in real estate development, China’s investors are increasingly investing in the portfolios of American assets by using other real estate investments such as private equity funds and trusts. They started in Canada with a lot of money going into investing in a vancouver house for sale for example. Again, Redondo beach apartments and condos and Redondo Homes for sale will benefit from this.


Because of the residential and commercial real estate investment, China has become a vital source of capital for the US economy which is recovering from the recent Great Recession that led to financial crisis. Unlike the Chinese investment in the US technology and communications which doesn’t have any direct impact to the US government, its investment in the real estate business has a significant impact in the US economy as it affects a lot of people, communities and it also involves multiple policymakers at different levels.

The residential-mortgage bonds are also very important for the Chinese government because it allows re-circulation of dollars which are gained as a result of trade imbalance. For the US, the Chinese real estate investment is important for the housing market as it helps to ensure there is stability in the mortgage rates and liquidity. Additionally, the Chinese banks have consequentially become the main sources of debt for most American firms. For you to fully understand the impact of Chinese Capital in the American real-estate sector, it’s essential to look beyond the direct investment. Other than Canada, China’s real estate investors stand out because of their depth, breadth and speed of participation in the US property market. The Chinese real estate figures are from direct real estate purchases, buying of agency mortgage-backed security, as well as providing debt finances.

There is an expected massive Chinese Investment in California real estate, and in our case real estate in redondo beach, in next 10 years as China’s direct investment in the US real estate market is expected to reach a total of around $220 billion by 2020. Because of the growth is expected to be enormous, China should;

• Continue developing financial and legal rules which encourage private firms in investing in the overseas property. 

• Implement reforms to reduce all the bureaucratic tailbacks that hinder foreign investment. Historically, most Chinese firms are less open when it comes to transparency regarding the source of their finances as well as ties with military officials and the government. Pressing for transparency which is required by most international agencies will mean that Chinese investors will be big participants in the US real estate market.

• Enhance capital ownership transparency because the US government is increasingly and constantly monitoring the identities of all the foreign investors.

• Eliminate tight capital controls. The Chinese government’s concern over cash outflows is understood because the country’s economic growth-rate has slowed down a bit although a tight capital control system will negatively affect real estate investment.

• A learning system that focuses on real estate practices in the US where real estate investors are taught land acquisition procedures in the US, partnerships, market practices etc.

Because of the economic uncertainties in China, real estate investment in the US by Chinese investors is still expected to appreciate. However, with the money diversion from Canada the US should benefit. Some propducts like a Vancouver house for sale, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, North Vancouver and Coquitlam have already see drops in price. Perhaps because the inflows will be heading down toward the West coast of the USA. But just like any other industry, the overseas real estate investment by Chinese investors will only be driven up via a combination of economic conditions, policy reforms and available opportunities for growth. The US real estate market offers different Chinese entities a chance to diversify, regardless of it being in real property or financial assets. Furthermore, investment in these properties also means that a lot of Chinese individuals will gain international opportunities. It will also provide a safe haven in case of economic and political instability in China. Lastly, the Chinese real estate investment in the US will mean more Chinese families will have expedited access to US residency as well as educational opportunities.


Riviera Village Summer Festival is Sat _ Sun, June 27 _ 28


The Summer Festival is around the corner!  Blocks and blocks of booths featuring great finds, a fantastic food court, and entertainment galore -- this is the perfect way to kick off your perfect Summer!  The festivities start at 10 am and run until 6 pm both nights.  Come see what everyone's been talking about!


Tasty Tuesdays!

Why wait until the weekend to enjoy the great food and drinks in the Village?  Come down on Tuesday nights and savor one of the many 2 for 1 deals!  Try someplace new, or settle down at one of your favorite watering holes.  Burgers, martinis, pasta, margartas:  each restaurant has its own special.  Relax, enjoy, and bring your friends.  Just say, "Meet me in the Village for Tasty Tuesdays!

Celebrate Spring at our Farmers Market, Fridays 3 to 7 pm 

The Riviera Village Farmers Market is a great spot to pick up everything you need for a great picnic at the beach, Saturday night dinner with friends, or relaxing Sunday brunch.  The market has loads of fresh produce, delectable fruit, and a wide selection of prepared foods, including olive oils, jams and jellies, and snacks, both sweet and savory. 

Meet me in the Village!