You will find Riviera Village‚Äďa charming collection ofhomes, bed and breakfasts, hotels, over 300 eclectic shops, restaurants and services,
just 20 miles south of Los Angeles. The gem of Redondo Beach, it is the South Bay destination for
exceptional fashion, food, and gifts; whether an amazing outfit, a new hairstyle, pampering spa treatment,
or delectable dining. Come celebrate the friendly sense of community found here, where it's fun
and fabulous to shop locally. In our Village, delight in the architecture of our condominiums and fancy real estate.

Our community has been growing with the influx of real estate investment:

from China and other Asian areas. The main influx is due to demand from foreign ownership. Our community is flourishing and while we welcome this influx we have setup several informaitonal sessions from seasoned professionals that have been exposed to this growth spur. Namely we are procuring information from agents in Australia and Canada because these countries have been largely affected by the swarm of property investment witnessed now worldwide as far as Portugal and Germany. Agents include Tu rbo tap in Canada and Taylors in Sydney. If you are looking for an opportunity to cash in on the windfall, check out our home selling guide.


Riviera Village Summer Festival is Sat _ Sun, June 27 _ 28


The Summer Festival is around the corner!  Blocks and blocks of booths featuring great finds, a fantastic food court, and entertainment galore -- this is the perfect way to kick off your perfect Summer!  The festivities start at 10 am and run until 6 pm both nights.  Come see what everyone's been talking about!


Tasty Tuesdays!

Why wait until the weekend to enjoy the great food and drinks in the Village?  Come down on Tuesday nights and savor one of the many 2 for 1 deals!  Try someplace new, or settle down at one of your favorite watering holes.  Burgers, martinis, pasta, margartas:  each restaurant has its own special.  Relax, enjoy, and bring your friends.  Just say, "Meet me in the Village for Tasty Tuesdays!

Celebrate Spring at our Farmers Market, Fridays 3 to 7 pm 

The Riviera Village Farmers Market is a great spot to pick up everything you need for a great picnic at the beach, Saturday night dinner with friends, or relaxing Sunday brunch.  The market has loads of fresh produce, delectable fruit, and a wide selection of prepared foods, including olive oils, jams and jellies, and snacks, both sweet and savory. 

Meet me in the Village!