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A highlight on our Housing Market

Where is our housing market headed next? Below are annecdotes given by one of Canada's top agents. If you would like to attend our event with Turbo tap and Austrila's top agent and see a glimpse of what foreign investment has done, you are welcome to register. Simply call us.

Given the recent history of Vancouver's housing market in Canada, all indicates a considerable amount of promise for our community in Riviera. November 2015 saw the second highest level of residential sales since 1989. Housing prices have performed better than interest rates on savings since 1970. While this long-term increase in property value hasn't happened in a straight line, government spending under Trudeau is likely to drive inflationary pressures on the housing market and this is likely to push property values even higher.

Should You Buy Now?

You might feel like you've missed out on this upward trend and, as investment firms so often say, past performance is no guarantee of future value. However, this does not necessarily need to mean that you missed the boat if you proceed like a smart investor. If you're thinking about buying now, there are a few things you should know.

Not all states are created equal. A distressed property could represent either a prime opportunity or a massive money sink, depending on a few factors. How much money will you have to spend to renovate it before it actually looks presentable? Where is it located? Is it in a good neighborhood or a bad one? The answers to all of these questions often make serious real estate investors look twice at a property that seems like a bargain on the surface.

On the flip side, the lack of highways going through our area puts high demand on land that is near rapid transit stations in Redondo and can be developed as condos. This is known as “Transit-Oriented Development” and makes any property that is within a ten-minute walk of a sky train station highly desirable. This is going to attract investors who see opportunity. Vancouver is landlocked. For instance, It is very difficult for Vancouver to expand due to mountains to the north, water to the south and west, and land that is reserved for agricultural purposes by law to the east. This puts a limit in the growth of the supply of available real estate that can be invested in and developed. Our area is in demand with affluent Asians in the same manner. Because Redondo has the ocean as a southern and eastern border and has access to valuable resources such as coal, oil, lumber and potash, its docking ports are very much a center for international trade.


This and the beauty of Redondo has attracted the attention of wealthy Asians who may be interested in investing in real estate. Markets tend to be cyclical. While a general uphill trend is expected, this is not going to happen in a straight line. This has led to some concern that last year's 25% spike in the average price for a home might represent a real estate bubble that could burst. While this is something that should be considered when deciding when and what to buy, property values can recover if you do not panic-sell when the market dips.What can you afford right now? You might consider a pricey condo near a rapid transit stop or you might consider a home in the suburbs. Both are perfectly legitimate if they pass muster with savvy investors and they're what you can buy without putting an undue financial burden on yourself right now. Both can gain value in different ways. The condo will be in demand with affluent buyers who like the convenience of being close to a sky bus stop and the home in the suburbs may be in demand with families who prefer a quieter lifestyle.

The bottom line is that the market is strong and now may be a good time to buy if you think like a savvy investor who is willing to give any property a good hard look. What gains would be reasonable for a 5-year or 10-year goal? Are there any liabilities that might turn this property into a money pit? As importantly, is the government going to continue to drive the same inflationary pressures that have made real estate an excellent investment over the long term? What outside economic or regulatory pressures could affect real estate values in the next few years? Answering these questions before you make a down payment on an investment property will drastically reduce your chances of buying a real estate lemon in a market that is expected to remain strong.



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